Adamu not scared of FIFA probe

Thenationonlineng– Former CAF/FIFA executive committee member Amos Adamu, has insisted that he is not afraid of any further investigation that the football ruling body intends launching on him.

Speaking to SportingLife in Abuja this week, the former NFA sole administrator said he is still waiting for FIFA to write him to inform him on what ground they are investigating him.

The former NSC Director General said: “I have decided to call you all to react on some of the issues I read in the dailies that FIFA is investigating me, they have not called me, I have been expecting them to write me to inform me that they are investigating me, then, I will reply them.”

Continuing, the former WAFU President insisted that his earlier suspension was not based on money collected but negotiations on facilities to be provided. “What has gone, has gone, and I don’t think anyone is referring to it again. I don’t think they are talking of that again. So when they write me, I will reply them. For me I don’t know why they are investigating me. I think I should stay that categorically.

“I am not afraid of investigation, I know the problem I have with them before, I don’t know of any other one, until they write me,” he added.

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