Avoiding the repeat of a Gbolahan Salami

Avoiding the repeat of the Gbolahan Salami attitude towards the national team will help save the county sport team from further embarrassment. It is no longer news as to why the Warri Wolves striker decided to ignore his team, i mean a team he own, because as a captain of a team he can also be said that he owns the team.

Though most people have justify the attitude of the young footballer but the time to put an end to players taking the national team for granted is now. They must be shown the reason why they have to uphold the ethics of the national team if at all there’s one. Players welfare must be taken seriously and their right to succeed must be of utmost priority from the Nigeria football Federation.

Even though the media person of the national team My Ibitoye express the fact that the Warri Wolves striker would not be missed, i strongly agree with that. Patriotism is a virtue and everyone must learn to exhibit that, no matter what situation we found ourselves. From football, to sports, and every of our various endeavors.

The short shortsightedness of the striker might have made him reason there’s more footballing endeavor bigger than that of the national team, maybe he is also part of those who believe sacrificing for the national team is worthless, going by the attitude of the national football body towards the welfare of their players. He might be right on that but he should also know so well that for optimum footballing success a players must be diligent to the national team.

This matter must not just be swept under carpet and there must be necessary discipline action on either the player and every other person involve in the incident so as to serve as a deterrent for others and the yonger once who are also looking up to some of these players.

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